Learn to accept what is, embrace your vast possibilities, embody your fullest potential


Hello I’m Teresa…

A Transformational leader and coach for women navigating major life transitions and challenges. I have four amazing children. I enjoy and invite a healthy lifestyle; vibrant energy and I embrace my badass sexy self in my middle age! I feel younger and more alive everyday full of gratitude, grit and clarity. I am a change maker and wisdom seeker. I am committed to living a fierce loving kindness in my life and with all whom I serve.

I’m grateful for the “university of life experience” that helped me create my superpowers and serve others with understanding and radical empathy. Before I started my healing journey, I felt an airplane engine was revving inside my worn-down body, mind and spirit. I unknowingly checked into a “five-star anxiety hotel”- combined with two failed marriages, skin cancer attacking my face and nose (leading to 6 reconstructive plastic surgeries), and severe digestive disorders. These among other unexpected life circumstances, left me feeling disassembled, lost, lonely and ripped open from the inside out. I found myself feeling like I was thrown into a vast ocean with no land in sight.

I had to choose to sink or swim. I began to slowly learn from a few mentors, healers and books how to find me again and live into my joy and happiness with myself and life. My most beloved mentor’s Dr. Charles Cart and Barbara White who taught me that I must come first. I realized that without choosing me; I cannot even have a connection to a higher power!!

One course, one book, one naturopath, one stranger who would say just what I needed to hear to piece the puzzle back together of my lost worth and love for Teresa. I began my walk which quickly led to a full on run to freedom, peace, joy and service. I have as bachelor’s degree in communications and strength in psychology. I became a Certified Yoga Teacher and Self-Acceptance Teacher, Reiki Master and a Positive Psychology life coach. I have become a self-care warrior and have embraced Transformational Coaching for Women. I am also the creator of Women Overcoming Adversity WOA Coaching, I am co-creator of Myndvibe.


I am fiercely determined to ease the pain and become the peace in the chaos for others who have found themselves drifting alone, exhausted and afraid out at sea. I hold a safe space for women to heal through compassionately deep listening, self-discovery and acceptance of where they are; while supporting them to embrace the possibility of their new story.
Side by side we will tenderly take the nuggets of wisdom, grace and clues from the old without judgement or condemnation but from a place of curiosity, compassion, courage and maybe even playfulness because what is life without play!
I stand with you and together we will explore the resources, tools and strategies to create your optimal well-being regardless of your circumstances.


What are your greatest desires for your health, relationships, mindset, emotional and spiritual life?
What are you tolerating that does not nourish you or serve your highest potentials?

What limited beliefs are getting in the way of developing a deep love affair with yourself and your life?

Challenge and change will come, and from our work together you will learn to become your own champion. I will teach you how to cultivate the inner fertile soil so that each fire you walk through, makes you more fireproof.