Soul Whispering-Woman Overcoming Adversity

Soul Whispering

Horses are vibrational creatures, they can sense vibrations in their hooves and in their body. Are thoughts and emotions are energy and become vibrations they

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Horses live in the present, it’s their way of life, it’s how they survive.  They are great teachers of being in the present.  They don’t

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Managing Emotions

Dear Love and Wisdom Seeker… These days we all are likely to be experiencing a range of emotions. How do we manage them and stay

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Energy Economics

Dear Love and Wisdom Seeker… Where attention goes energy flows. Be mindful and create awareness about where your energy is going each day. Are you

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Anger Matters

Dear Love and Wisdom Seeker… Anger has a bad rap for sure with good reason but what if you dig deeper and allow anger to

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