Anger Matters

Dear Love and Wisdom Seeker…

Anger has a bad rap for sure with good reason but what if you dig deeper and allow anger to be an insightful tool. Anger is often connected to the feelings of something being unfair or unjust., you may feel hurt, confused or frustrated.  Anger may want you to take some actions for change.  Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Is your job depleting your energy source and affecting your health? Is it a response to pain either physical or emotional? Is there some part of our life where you feel contracted or compressed?  Anger just might be a warning signal that you need to cultivate conditions of expansion of more ease and well being in that area of your life. Anger can help you find the courage to reach for change and create a positive response for your life if navigated correctly. Start to investigate anger like its a person. When did it start, how does it feel? Are there underlying more vulnerable emotions that anger is covering up to protect you from having to feel? Before reacting with anger get curious about the what and why? 

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